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    VR Gaming can be lonely, after all you are effectively isolating yourself when you strap on the headset and headphones. Now those barriers are starting to break down with Facebook’s Facebook 360VR.

    Facebook’s VR Gaming LiveStreaming

    LiveStreams are a lot of fun, a lot of streamers do it to make a living, while others just want some company. If you are not familiar with game streams, they are basically live shows of people playing a video game and commenting on it.

    People watch the streams because they can often engage with the player. Comment on their play style, get some tips from professional players, and even roast or mess with the player.

    The way Facebook’s VR Gaming LiveStream is set up is very engaging. The people who watch the stream will get the exact view the player has, meanwhile the streamer is simply playing his VR Game with a chat open on the left of the screen.

    As a result the streamer can play and read the comments simultaneously, bringing a much needed social aspect into VR Gaming.

    Platform Available for VR Gaming Streams

    At the moment you can’t stream just any VR content, Facebook is making this first step with Gear VR only. It’s obvious they wouldn’t offer the service for their competition (HTC Vive or Google Daydream), however Oculus Rift is not yet supported either. And, with this initial release, you must be located in the USA.

    Facebook has stated that they do plan on supporting the Rift in the future.

    This means that while U.S. residents can still watch the streams they can’t broadcast them…

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    04-29-2017 05:13 AM
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    I hope Facebook doesn't limit this to its own tech. Oculus and Gear are great platforms, but lets see a little more here!
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    04-30-2017 11:26 AM
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    I was hoping this would be something where you can also watch in VR and not just a regular display. Oh well, they do need a decent streaming solution for the Gear VR and Rift, the chat accessible for the streamer is a major feature that hasn't really been available for Oculus devices so far. There's just the problem that I doubt many people want to go to Facebook to watch gameplay, how would you even find streams?
    05-03-2017 04:09 AM

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