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    Hello all, got the game last midnight and being a classic fan, am really enjoying the VR and 2D modes.

    I'm here to give a general rundown of the VR mode and what to expect.


    You start VR mode by accessing a menu on the main game screen. It will check if the headset is connected. Once everything is connected properly, and you press the VR option, the game seems to switch to a different "executable". So no "oh no i forgot to plug the headset in when i started the game now I have to shut it down and restart again in VR mode" issues.

    You begin in a hangar with your plane in front of you. The story is presented with voiceover and briefing text. The floating text is stuck to your face so it may be hard to read some stuff that are at the corners but I didn't really find any of that essential, it's mostly subtitles of what the briefing agent is saying.

    The story is separate from the main campaign and follows Mobius One (or is it) and is set in 1995 if I remember correctly.

    When you first start, only Mission 01 is unlocked. Once you finish Mission 01, you unlock Mission 02 and also Free Flight for Mission 01's map. Same cycle for Mission 02 and 03.

    The VR mode only has three actual missions each with a different weather and visual style.

    Once you finish all three missions, you get rewarded with an Air Show mode. And if I remember correctly, a new plane to replay the missions in.


    Mission 01 begins on a carrier in the middle of the ocean and you get to see carrier launched aircraft operations. The mission is set in an ocean area with regular clouds (feels like a battle over the pacific ocean).

    Mission 02 begins with an exciting base-under-attack sequence where you see air combat happening from the ground as you taxi to take off. It is set in a foresty English countryside area with slightly thicker clouds. This mission was quite difficult for me as there was an unspoken timer in which the mission will end once the enemy destroys some friendly infrastructure but it is never really clear which enemy is attacking what and you have to be quite lucky in guessing the sequence priority of enemies to attack before everything blows up.

    Mission 03 is in some snowy mountains with very heavy fog and if you're not careful you can crash into the mountains. This mission didn't seem to have a "unique startup sequence" like the other two but it was probably the best looking level. Well, if you like mountains and fog as much as me anyway.

    I cannot stress how important the volumetric clouds are in making a level feel unique and atmospheric (oh a pun).


    Running on an OG PS4, the only noticable graphical issue that I notice is that on clouds, showbox.bio/ tutuapp.uno/ vidmate.vet/ when not directly looking at them, will have some pretty obvious foveated rendering artifacts. Let me know how PS4 Pro handles this!

    Most of the trees in the levels are camera-facing alpha maps but when you get close they fade into an actual 3D model.

    In general things don't look immersion-breaking and it is pretty clear in what it tries to show.

    For example, there are no issues with faraway planes being unseeable due to the low resolution of our PSVR. I think some tricks were also done to keep enemy aircraft in view because they seem to be flying much slower and yet they feel appropriately fast. Or perhaps it's just much easier to keep the enemy aircraft in view due to the intuitiveness of using your actual head to look around.


    Gameplay seems to be undisturbed from the main game except the loss of camera controls (these were removed: right stick camera movements, hold Triangle to padlock enemy, hold Circle to Follow Missile) and the game map is now on a screen in your plane. Ammo count is also displayed on a screen on your plane.

    The map may be a little difficult to read (for incoming missiles) but there are multiple zoom levels which might help a little.

    One thing I found quite difficult to see was the Incoming Missile Marker which is Red and in Mission 02 which is mostly a green landscape, it wreaks havoc with my red-green colour blindness.


    I couldn't find any comfort options in the menu when I paused mid-game. I also couldn't find them in the main VR menu. Perhaps I missed it but there doesn't appear to be any comfort options anywhere.

    The game defaults to not having any comfort options on which makes rolls very nauseating when you look out the left or right of the cockpit. A good tip to avoid nausea is to keep the majority of your cockpit in view (for example, looking straight in front of the cockpit) You can look out left and right comfortably when you're in a more calm setting.

    However if you're tracking an enemy aircraft with your head and eyes and maneuvre to get a better firing angle, the nausea is much less pronounced. It's when you're looking at nothing in particular and happen to roll is when you get serious motion sickness. However I find that once I regain a stable viewpoint (looking forwards, stop banking) the sickness totally disappears and I'm good to go again.
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