1. pkcable's Avatar

    Has anyone seen any interesting 360 videos? T-Mobile did a really cool one at Cochella....

    Lets see what you got!
    05-27-2016 09:25 AM
  2. John Yester's Avatar
    This one is awesome with some head gear on!

    pkcable likes this.
    05-27-2016 03:32 PM
  3. Chemy JMHT's Avatar
    07-28-2016 01:47 PM
  4. michael4371's Avatar
    Watch "Motorcycle race in VR 360 -* part 1" on YouTube
    07-29-2016 03:53 AM
  5. martiaan's Avatar

    this interesting too.
    10-21-2016 09:45 AM
  6. jsnugen's Avatar
    There are a lot of these type of videos on Youtube lately.
    10-22-2016 09:54 AM
  7. Ptaswath's Avatar
    10-22-2016 10:02 AM
  8. VirtuaTyKing's Avatar
    Anyone know how to watch these on the Vive? I suspect I would have to copy the video first using a program? Or is there an easier way?
    10-23-2016 06:00 PM
  9. VirtuaTyKing's Avatar
    This is the only way I've found so far. Don't know if it's possible by using Virtual desktop yet.
    10-23-2016 06:48 PM

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