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    Sony recently decided to offer HDR support for their Full HD 1080p line. Those not familiar with HDR it stands for high dynamic range. When applied to say a television, it helps makes the image you are watching better than normal. Android Central has a nice article going into more depth. Ensure to read the "HDR Displays" section more more info.

    So as long as they have the lable below and a budget Bravia RE4 or a mid range WE6 or a primium WE75, you will be getting HDR support.
    Sony bringing HDR compatibility to some of their 1080p televisions-675fb64d05dd702f4001bc179958f705.png

    One thing that makes this interesting is before, you needed to have a 4K television in order to take advantage of HDR. Granted, it is only Sony television sets and only a select few. The solution is not perfect but hey, beats the price of a 4K TV

    Oh and I also learned that Netflix has started to stream content in HDR.
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    I don't know the full details but I have read that some HDR screens introduce an increase of input lag.
    This would be something I would research before buying one. It's great that a 1080p option is now available. I was looking for a 1080p HDR screen only the other day. I was having problems with my TV but I think it might be fine now.
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