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    Hello Xbox fans!

    When word got out that Beam was going to be on Xbox I found it to be pretty cool. However, upon loading the app for the first time, it created a Beam account automatically using my Xbox Live account. Problem is I already have a Beam account and thus I was (for a while) using two Beam account.

    I finally saw in the Xbox Beam app that you CAN use your current Beam account on Xbox. Here is how:

    - Load the Beam app on your Xbox.
    The first time I loaded the app, it created a new Beam account using my Xbox Live credentials.

    - Select your Beam profile. (top right - purple/blue circle)

    - Select "Link to a different Beam account."
    A page will appear displaying a code and ask you to access https://beam.pro/activate.

    - Go to the link as shown and log in your Beam account (Your main one that you used before Beam was available on Xbox.)

    - Then enter the code that you see generated by the Beam Xbox app.

    - You will be prompted to select witch account you want to link your Xbox Live account to.
    Important: Make sure you select the correct one.

    - It will ask you what you want to do with the old one "aka the one that Xbox created for your the first time you opened the app". I decided to delete the one created by Xbox the first time I opened the app. But you can keep it if you want.

    - Once your account is linked, return to your Xbox, hit the B button then you should now see your actual Beam account.

    Hope this helps!

    Happy steaming!
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    04-21-2017 06:20 PM

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