1. Cale Hunt's Avatar
    Two NHL teams with 10+ game winning streaks are going up against each other on NYE. Should be a fun one to watch even though I don't particularly care for Columbus or Minnesota.
    pkcable likes this.
    12-30-2016 10:41 AM
  2. Talkivr's Avatar
    could break a record if they keep going either way, one of those streaks is about to be ended just make it even more special game to watch.
    12-30-2016 05:09 PM
  3. pkcable's Avatar
    Anyone watch the outdoor games this weekend? WHEW! 2 great games! Hopefully the Flyers v Pens can compare later this season!
    01-03-2017 11:09 AM
  4. ChillFactorz's Avatar
    <strike>Oakland</strike> Las Vegas Raiders.
    04-02-2017 02:13 PM
  5. meattray's Avatar
    Huge sports fan. Love the Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Blue Jays and Chicago Bears.
    04-03-2017 11:29 AM
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