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    So today I opened my headphone connect app and had the option to activate 360 RA.

    I had to take pictures of my ears, and the app than adjusted the sound to match my ear type.

    Currently 360 AR is only available on 3 services;

    Tidal , Deezer and nugs.net

    I got a free trial of Tidal and found 2 360 AR playlists.

    The sound was good, shockingly good with amazing fidelity. I was impressed (as good as my $500 over the ear headphones).
    mobdro kodi
    I than tested this service I never heard of called nugs.net which provided lossless recording of live performances.

    HOLY #*!€£¥ I can’t believe that these little buds are capability of such a rich, immersive and luscious sound.

    The big downside is that content is extremely limited, and once my free trial runs out the services are expensive ($24.99).

    If you have the WF or WH I highly recommend giving this a try, I hope this catches on, because the experience is fantastic!
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