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Oculus Rift setup: HDMI not getting recognized

Asked: Jan 02 2018 | 7:37 pm EST 3760 Views 2 Answers

Hi there,

I'm trying to set up my rift. I'm stuck on the connect headset and sensors screen. When I plug my headset hdmi cable into my hdmi port, it gives me the message: Make sure you're plugging your headset into your hdmi port on your graphics card. My Asus ROG Strix GTX 1050 only has one hdmi port.

I have set the NVIDIA graphics card as the default. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you!

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Jan 04 2018 | 4:25 am EST V81

There is a chance that if your pc has 2 gpu that hdmi port is connected directly to weaker one. I have the same problem with hdmi when I connect my headset. When I go to devices manager, it shows that oculus is connected, but connected to Intel 630 gpu instead of Nvidia gtx 1050 ti. If that is the case for you too, I believe it is not possible to change that and play vr games on this pc. Unless you will find a way to change the gpu connected to hdmi port.
Jan 10 2018 | 4:10 pm EST gordoanorexico

About a week ago, I had the same problem, the solution was to change the USB cable of the Oculus, from USB 3.0 to another USB 2.0, after that, Oculus was detected without problems

I hope this work for you, regards