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    Hey there, I was on the look out for forums to discuss and pitch virtual reality games and found VRHeads. I have made a full-fledged virtual reality game called Wizard's Might VR where you become a conjurer capable of casting powerful spells to battle monsters. I set out to make a lengthy, complete game with a variety of scenery, different types of monsters, and cool castings to keep every battle interesting.

    This is not a tech demo of any kind and it has no in app purchases or ads. Originally, I made this game because I love the Gauntlet series and thought it would be cool to experience it in VR. I have a demo that offers 3 free levels (one in each world so you can get a feel for the different atmospheres) and of course the paid version with all levels and bonus content unlocked (such as Zen mode in the Settings menu). My game does require a controller (sorry for those without an external pad, but there was no way for me to map all the spells and actions without using multiple buttons). You can also use the gamepad to rotate the camera unless you don’t mind turning your body around—Haha. Personally, I just enjoy being able to sit back, sink into the game, and pretend that this is the world I inhabit now.

    Wizard's Might VR available!-1.jpgWizard's Might VR available!-2.jpg

    A few quick answers to FAQ:
    -Runs on anything equivalent to SnapDragon 800. There's a Settings menu that lets you tone the graphics.
    -Tested with standard blue tooth and wired controllers (such as X-Box 360 and Sixaxis).
    -Open level design, walk everywhere and look anywhere using game pad.
    -Tutorial level for new players.
    -Has 4 worlds, 20 levels (Demo offers 3).
    -Weather effects and thoughtful artistic design to feel like it all inhabits the same universe.
    -Can throw hammers made of lightning, fireballs, spawn ice spikes, and summon a wall made of Earth for defense.
    -Has built-in HUD located by looking down at your feet that displays health, spells, key amount, and other options if enabled.
    -Cartoony violence; no blood.

    Thank you to everyone reading and willing to check it out. Take care!

    One last thing, promotion is without a doubt my least favorite part of the creation process. I would not post Wizard’s Might VR anywhere unless I was aware of how the Google Play Store operates and what it offers and believe that I have something others will enjoy. Making games is my passion and it’s helping me get my life back together in many ways. Therefore, any problem you may run into when playing my game let me know because I dedicate a lot of time to this hobby and I have no issue fixing it. Also, I’ll be happy to answer any question you have. Like what hardware will run this the best? Who is your favorite wrestler? Best film? Etc. Thanks guys and gals.

    Free version of Wizard's Might VR - Click Here
    Paid version of Wizard's Might VR - Click Here
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    WOW, that looks so cool! I will try it on my Daydream over the weekend.
    07-07-2017 09:09 AM
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    i think that vr ecosystem is still in its infancy. not many games are there properly supporting VR nor the users are very eager to throw money in a new headset. they dont know if it will worth. i hope also that the VR headsets will be modular as it was supposed to be the google aro smartphone. that is, when an upgrade comes and the user can and wants to upgrade to upgrade the whole system more chepely and not to spend a lot of money
    07-16-2017 04:50 PM

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