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    I have a big head and ridiculously far apart eyes, they were measured at my optometrist as 73. I own a index and the max for that is 70 (I even shove a little piece of foam in between the lenses to stretch it out an extra mm or so), but I still get headaches from VR.

    I'm honestly not sure if it's the IPD distance that's causing the headaches since everything looks perfectly fine to me and I think I'm in the sweet spot of the lenses, but I don't know what else would explain it.

    There have been times that I've used it for hours without any headache and then other times where it will kick in within 15 minutes, so I really have no idea. Maybe it's correlated with low FPhttps://omegle.onl/ vshare
    S in certain games? Would that cause headaches?
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