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    Make sure you get the right size board for the case. Don't order an ATX board and have a mini ATX case.

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    08-25-2016 07:02 PM
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    All part of the learning process I suppose.
    I had a bit of a nightmare finishing off my current rig. In the end I narrowed it down to my Msi mobo breaking. Took lots of processes of elimination to find the cause.

    It was because I changed my Corsair H80i AIO cooler to the newer GTX H80i. It has a plastic backplate rather than the old metal one. This was causing me to over tighten the cooler as it had no definite stopping point as the plastic allowed it to slightly bend the board.

    Luckily I still had the old metal backplate. Couple of months of stress that was. I told corsair about it.
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    08-26-2016 04:24 AM
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    PCPartPicker.com is a lifesaver for things like this. You can input your part list and it has a compatibility checker that lets you check all your parts for compatibility issues. It will even tell you if you are exceeding your power supply output, or if your gpu is too long for your case. It is also great for discovering parts, checking community ratings on parts, finding the cheapest place to buy a part, etc. It is very user friendly too!
    12-09-2016 11:41 PM

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