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Jul 18 2016 | 11:40 am EDT pkcable

I would venture to say that GearVR IS real VR, BUT not all VR is created equal. Basically there are 3 tiers of VR (and all 3 are pretty good). First you have the cheap way to enter VR and probably should be the first course for the novice and those on a budget, and that is a Google Cardboard way. Cardboard, which are NOT always made of cardboard can sometimes be found for free and are usually around 20-30 dollars although premium models can cost as much as 100. This is good basic VR, there are Android AND iOS apps for it, and it works fine as an intro to VR for most and for those on a budget. Next up is the GearVR which uses Oculus technology, and requires a samsung phone (and only a couple models are supported), there may be a couple copycat models in this class also that DO support other phones, BUT primarily this is a Samsung tier. Cost range from 100 (on sale) to about 200. This is good VR, allowing you to access SOME oculus content, all Google Cardboard apps and content, and other apps such as hulu and netfilx VR content. Lastly we have the most expensive way to do VR via a PC and either the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. There are a couple other models. Also both Microsoft AND Sony are entering/entered this space via their consoles. Prices range in the 600-1000 range PLUS the cost of equipment (a beefy PC, Playstation - a new one, and X-Box, a new one)