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Jun 02 2016 | 2:59 pm EDT pkcable

Check out this page from HTC...

Also from VRHeads....

Everything you need to know about HTC Vive | VRHeads

Do I need anything extra to make this work?

HTC Vive is not self-powered, so you're going to need a fairly capable computer to drive the experience. The minimum requirements for that PC include a video card equivalent to the Nvidia Geforce 970 and 4GB of RAM, which immediately renders most laptops and desktops under $1,000 unable to power this experience.

There are some computers that can be easily upgraded to support HTC Vive, but in many cases a new PC or laptop will less expensive than the time and money needed to upgrade.

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Sep 09 2016 | 10:02 pm EDT MyOtherUserNameIsTaken

so here's a question, if I have an i3 at 3.7ghz, and 8 gigs or ram, all I would need is a graphics card and I am good?

Oct 13 2016 | 9:29 pm EDT girinath

It needs a high end pc to work...

Oct 14 2016 | 2:58 am EDT raydar670

no luck for my pc with a gtx 760 then?

Oct 17 2016 | 8:40 pm EDT pioann

no luck for my pc with a gtx 760 then?
Unfortunately, not really.. You'll need a new card. I'd go for a nvidia gtx 1070 or Radeon RX480.