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    Just got a Oculus Quest 2. Picked up the Obvs Beat Saber, and snagged Boneworks. I want to play Wired and Wireless.

    Wired is pretty much stuff I will be buying from steam rather than Facebook store, but I am interested if there are any stand out MUCH better in a wireless experience cause I would be interested in picking up some that I can just play while out at a friends. I.E that might be fun to let others try it etc.

    That being said I would like to ask you beautiful people for some Recommended Buys via Oculus Store & Steam that I should put on my Wishlist or pick up right away! Currently:

    Beat Saber -> Owned

    Boneworks - Owned

    Super hot - Wishlist

    Half Life -> still 80$ waiting on sale

    Skyrim -> still 80 $ waiting on sale.
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