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    What should perspective buyers know before hand about the Gear VR?

    Is most of the applications for use the Gear VR free, or do most of them require purchase?

    For reference: I'm contemplating getting a Note 7, and contemplating also getting a new Gear VR to use with it.
    08-05-2016 07:25 PM
  2. Bosbouer's Avatar
    My perception is that you need to pay for the better games and that you need a lot of bandwidth to make use of the free offers. That said I still enjoy my gear vr ans s6 hugely.
    08-06-2016 12:07 AM
  3. krisguy's Avatar
    Just like any other operating system, be prepared to pay for quality. In the case of the in the case of the Gear VR , there is a lot of content that is free and good.
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    08-07-2016 01:48 AM
  4. Dorian Anreiter's Avatar
    Make sure you have a swivel chair handy. Use the moon player, which let's you alter the viewing mode of videos whilst you playing them instead of having to mess about with file names, as you have to do with the oculus video player. Moon player can be downloaded from the oculus gear vr store. Download a stash of 360 3d vids from youtube so you have some stuff to watch with your new toy. And be careful, I have required stitches from a vr based injury. I was stood up in my living room so I could easily turn round in order to look behind me (here's where a swivel chair would have saved the day). Unbeknownst to me while rotating I have actually moved about 15 feet into the kitchen. I tripped and my knee hit the ceramic dog's bowl. Shattering it and cutting my knee. I know, I'm a bloody *****.
    08-16-2016 04:20 PM
  5. Dorian Anreiter's Avatar
    Have a swivel chair ready. Use the moon player as it allows you to simply choose the viewing mode of a vid file, be it 2d,180,or 360 and fullscreen, side by side, or top and bottom. Whereas with the oculus viewer you have to mess about with file names. Grab a load of 3d 360 vids from youtube so you gave something to watch when you get your new toy. And be careful (really do get a swivel chair) I hospitalised myself by using vr whilst standing. I was in my living room, standing up, watching a vr horror clip. Despite only rotating on the spot (or so I thought) I had actually moved 15 feet into the kitchen, I tripped on the dog's ceramic food bowl. My knee landed on the bowl, shattering it and shredding my knee. I do have the privilege of being the first vr based injury my local hospital has recorded though.
    08-17-2016 05:51 PM

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