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    Hey VR Heads,

    Since the introduction of VR by HTC (Vive), Oculus (Rift) and Sony (PlayStation VR), may 3rd party companies are coming out with cool accessories. Many companies offer some sort of “light gun” peripheral mainly aimed for shooters or bring a new immersion in tactical gaming.

    Creating next generation of entertainment, VRSENAL looks to bring cutting edge products and experiences.



    This virtual weapon looks like it’s from the Aliens movies…

    The VR-15 look amazing. VRSENAL went all out to bring a real look and feel with this device.It has:

    Fully ajustable stock
    Weighted trigger pull
    Four ambidextrous analogue thumbticks
    Galss Optics

    The VR-15 is completely wireless with zero lag and it is fully integrated with HTC’s Lighthouse system.


    Direct link to a concept of the HOLOCUBE

    We are getting closer to a Holodeck…

    The HOLOCUBE brings VR to any facility’s existing space with a compact footprint including safety, hygiene and other concerns presented by current VR tech. VRSENAL has selected games to go with the HOLOCUBE (unfortunately no games are listed at the time of writing) and they ensure the games selected are easy to grasp in a public environment.

    Each HOLOCUBE supports four players. Either they play their own experience or play together in a multiplayer game. Can be an immersive game like a shooter or easy-going games. Designed with constraints in minde, the HOLOCUBE is just 15 feet wide, 15 feet deep, and 12 feet tall.They include a cable management system to ensure no cable as in the way when gaming.



    Do you WANT feel the bullet hi you?...

    “The VRsenal is a lightweight backpack computer that provides massive amounts of desktop computing power while letting the user roam freely[...].”

    The site mentions that this is a “two player luxury gaming system”. My understanding, those picking this option would not only get a “backpack computer” but a VR HMD (probably and HTC Vive).

    Short version, the VRsenal is basically the updated version of:

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    01-25-2017 07:19 PM
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    Aw yeah, screw your laser tag. I wanna see your avatar BLEED.
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    01-26-2017 12:33 PM
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    Oh man. It would be hilarious to do a VR Lazer Tag game set in a realistic 1986 neighborhood.
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    Oh man. It would be hilarious to do a VR Lazer Tag game set in a realistic 1986 neighborhood.
    Definitely would be.
    01-26-2017 02:05 PM