1. iamdaniel's Avatar
    Fingers crossed!
    10-19-2016 12:43 AM
  2. Shagatron's Avatar
    Why helloooo. Count me in!
    10-19-2016 01:06 AM
  3. badeboye's Avatar
    Would be a wonderful experience. VR on PlayStation.
    10-19-2016 01:11 AM
  4. keilflex's Avatar
    I'm. New to Playstation period due to my new TV which has it built in. I can't wait to dive into the games especially the vr. And how much better this is from regular vr.. I had cardboard and lived the scary games. It'll be nice to win one with a strap. I'm wondering about light bleed and how sensitive the introversion will be! Thumbs up!
    10-19-2016 01:27 AM
  5. squintyboy's Avatar
    need this please
    10-19-2016 01:59 AM
  6. friedchocolatesoda's Avatar
    I intend to participate
    10-19-2016 02:05 AM
  7. kbaigio's Avatar
    awesome great Christmas gift!
    10-19-2016 02:33 AM
  8. Megabyte2017's Avatar

    This would be absolutely awesome if I win.
    Thanks guys for this opportunity.

    Greetings from Holland.
    10-19-2016 02:54 AM
  9. pizzamans's Avatar
    Yes sure!
    10-19-2016 03:06 AM
  10. kheer's Avatar
    Would love to win this! I'm in :-)
    10-19-2016 03:28 AM
  11. Matty's Avatar
    "let us know you're participating"

    Im HERE ^_^ i want to participate!

    Big Thank you to VRHeads for this. Amazing giveaway. Maybe 2nd time lucky?
    Chemy JMHT likes this.
    10-19-2016 04:00 AM
  12. NilsonF's Avatar
    This would be awesome to play with my nephews. Good luck to everyone
    10-19-2016 04:10 AM
  13. mveltkamp's Avatar
    Playstation vr looks pretty freek'n sweet, would love to win one of these bundles
    10-19-2016 05:12 AM
  14. Davis P B's Avatar
    I'm feeling lucky!!!
    10-19-2016 05:20 AM
  15. RBuschy's Avatar
    That is a sweet prize! It's crazy, I already have a PSN account, PS4 Game, but no PS4 yet! Winning this, a chance to get into VR, would be a great motivator to finally get one.
    10-19-2016 05:28 AM
  16. MC_A_DOT's Avatar
    Count me in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    10-19-2016 05:41 AM
  17. drsuessmn's Avatar
    Hello glad to join and be a part of the group
    10-19-2016 05:44 AM
  18. Sward719's Avatar
    I would love one! Thank you
    10-19-2016 06:28 AM
  19. username-idk's Avatar
    Might as well try.
    10-19-2016 06:49 AM
  20. Tristan Russell's Avatar
    PSVR is amazing. Was able to try it at the PlayStation Experience in 2015. All I was able to play was REZ buy for a simple game it was very immersive. Would love to own one 😁
    10-19-2016 07:18 AM
  21. anon(10059114)'s Avatar
    What a great competition VRHeads! Good luck to all involved!
    10-19-2016 07:26 AM
  22. Myonic's Avatar
    Yes, I made an account for this contest. How did I find this contest? Well, I got interested in VR since playing with a HTC Vive and a Gear VR. So now I want more!
    10-19-2016 07:36 AM
  23. Bubba-san's Avatar
    Would love to get a psvr! Especially with the all games coming out for it.
    10-19-2016 07:46 AM
  24. Bdaly89's Avatar
    This is great! Get to hear all the latest on VR and have a chance to win one! Awesomeness !
    10-19-2016 07:46 AM
  25. Mirko Kunstek's Avatar
    I would love to win this.
    10-19-2016 07:55 AM
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