1. Animus_3.0's Avatar
    Good luck to everyone, especially me 😉
    10-18-2016 08:15 PM
  2. Jason Cockerham's Avatar
    OMG this would be amazing! I've been wanting to get into VR for so long but it's so expensive! This would go great with my PS4. Thanks VR Heads!
    10-18-2016 08:18 PM
  3. Chemy JMHT's Avatar
    All of my posts are junk. Except this one. This one is pure digital gold.

    Excited for the new contest, and congrats to Chemy on winning the last one!
    Thanks mate!

    This time I'm not participating, even when there is a truly little chance to win it again, here I'm as real probe this kind of giveaways are legit!!!

    Last edited by Chemy JMHT; 10-18-2016 at 11:53 PM.
    EgoAnt likes this.
    10-18-2016 08:19 PM
  4. scabsk8s's Avatar
    Awesome!!! Good luck everyone!
    10-18-2016 08:21 PM
  5. deathcries's Avatar
    would love to win this, very excited about vr, love it is available for ps4.
    10-18-2016 08:21 PM
  6. Chemy JMHT's Avatar
    I'm here because of the giveaway.
    Well I'm sure you will stay because of three people around and the good information.

    Also there is always something you can win with constant giveaways!
    10-18-2016 08:22 PM
  7. Chemy JMHT's Avatar
    You guys do realize that most of my posts are junk, eh?
    Lol Mate, they seem to don't care about it, look at me look at me!
    krisguy likes this.
    10-18-2016 08:24 PM
  8. eviltwinmin's Avatar
    I would literally be in VR heaven if I were lucky enough to win.
    10-18-2016 08:25 PM
  9. proswitchgaming's Avatar
    Hopefully this is my entry submitted by writing on here. If I win my twitter and instagram are @ProSwitchGaming
    10-18-2016 08:30 PM
  10. Mdjabeer4u's Avatar
    Desperately want it along with the resident evil 7😈
    10-18-2016 08:31 PM
  11. LouGerbino's Avatar
    VR please!
    10-18-2016 08:31 PM
  12. PharmNerd's Avatar
    Sure, I'll take a spoopy PSVR bundle!
    10-18-2016 08:38 PM
  13. Sim_8_3's Avatar
    I'm in, and would be awesome to enter VR through PSVR.
    Last edited by Sim_8_3; 10-18-2016 at 09:41 PM.
    10-18-2016 08:51 PM
  14. ldog3211's Avatar
    I would absolutely LOVE to win this! I've been dying to get PSVR as soon as I knew it existed, and it would be a great upgrade from my Gear VR that I have currently. Not to mention my favorite kind of VR game is the horror genre! PICK MEEEEEEEE!
    10-18-2016 08:53 PM
  15. jsarino's Avatar
    I would love to get this prize pack to go with the Playstation 4 Pro that I'm planning on picking up in November!
    10-18-2016 08:54 PM
  16. qskillzwfu25's Avatar
    Hoping and wishing and praying to finally win something worth winning! This PSVR is the biznesss!!!!!
    10-18-2016 08:56 PM
  17. platanaso625's Avatar
    I'm definetly participating. I want the chance to win one
    10-18-2016 09:05 PM
  18. Noobsaidiop91's Avatar
    Nice contest here, I was really thinking about getting a psvr once the ps4 pro and innovative games will be out, but i would be glad to win the contest and enjoy virtual reality in my living room
    10-18-2016 09:06 PM
  19. garyart1's Avatar
    I needs to get me some VR love.
    10-18-2016 09:07 PM
  20. Aaron Marshall1's Avatar
    Yes please!
    10-18-2016 09:10 PM
  21. Codegk81's Avatar
    I am just excited to see all the VR to come in the next year, pc, console, mobile. All should be interesting.
    10-18-2016 09:11 PM
  22. biskitsorange's Avatar
    This would be awesome to win!
    10-18-2016 09:12 PM
  23. Platinumd7's Avatar
    Exciting giveaway, count me in
    10-18-2016 09:13 PM
  24. fury2g's Avatar
    I can't wait to get my hands on this!!! Playstation VR!!!!
    10-18-2016 09:16 PM
  25. zeta77's Avatar
    ohh i'm in, pick me!!
    10-18-2016 09:21 PM
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