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Is VR headsets are completely safe for user ???

Asked: Aug 27 2017 | 3:29 pm EDT 2139 Views 2 Answers View Best Answer

Im new here..

I have used VR headset one time and I got very bad headache and nausea and painful eyes...But I used non branded headset which I got from a friend to test.

Is professional headsets are completely safe for eyes and brain ???

Best Answer

Aug 27 2017 | 10:46 pm EDT Chemy JMHT

Hi welcome to the forum, the answer is Yes, most of the VR Headsets are good and safe to use but:

- You need to be sure you can adjust the eye to eye distance and focus.
- Your health condition should be good to wear it, some are more likely to have headaches and nauseous than others.
- The experience has to be good one, some games or VR experiences informs how confortable are for the users.

But as I always recommend, the best is simply to try it before buy it!.

More Answers

Aug 28 2017 | 9:06 am EDT pkcable

VR is generally safe to use, BUT different people tolerate it in different ways. Nausea and headache are NOT uncommon among CR users, and things can be done to minimize the discomfort. Such as using VR with in limited doses, say 10 minutes at a time. Making sure you are in a comfortable cool environment, and you are seated or have you feet firmly planted on solid ground. NOT all VR is created equal! Some VR games and experiences are more intense than others and this is usually noted somewhere before it starts or on it's download page, etc. Avoid the ones that are too intense.

VRHeads has a sub forum dedicated to Health and Safety it can be found here