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    I bought a Vive Cosmos last year, because I got a new one for a really good price and it seemed to be the superior choice over the Rift S and the Valve Index, since I still need my kidneys. My experience with it has been mixed: The hardware seems to be good, it offers a good comfort (if you leave out the cable) and visual quality, the tracking and room setup is often tricky. The main problem of it is its bad support, many games, this includes the ones in HTCs own store (which is miserable but I had a trial period) - The Cosmos controllers don't get support or will only work flawlessly after hours of fiddling.

    The Quest 2 seems to have really good specs, its wireless and I read about its batteries lasting for weeks (The controllers). The only downside I see so far is its fakebook enforcement (Is there a way to bypass it)?

    Would you recommend me selling my device and buy a Quest 2? Also, are 350 - 400 € realistic for a rarely used device in near perfect condition? Its a bit dusty, but has no scratches. Ideally I would like to buy the new headset from it. But I'm uncertain if its worth the switch.
    10-23-2021 11:21 PM

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