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    There is a therapeutic meditation experience coming soon to the Transport app called "Finding Your True Self".
    The experience is a collaboration between Deepak Chopra, son Gotham Chopra, and studio Wevr.
    The experience will utilize narration from Deepak Chopra, color therapy, and Hindu chakras.
    There is a teaser video available.

    360 Teaser video for Finding Your True Self:

    More details are found in the following articles from Tech.co and VRScout:
    How Deepak Chopra Is Using Virtual Reality To Improve Your Health
    Deepak Chopra's VR Meditation Experience - VRScout
    11-07-2016 09:38 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    11-08-2016 04:10 PM
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    Hey! I'm a designer working on a project that's relative to this thread (exploring the intersect of mindfulness and VR). I'm doing some user interviews, and would love to talk to people that use VR headsets and any sort of meditative or mindfulness apps -- particularly Headspace. If you don't mind filling out a quick survey, I can follow up. This is just for research -- zero solicitation happening. Message me with any Q's or concerns if you have 'em. Thanks!

    12-01-2016 09:45 PM

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