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    Lock and load! Today award-winning game developer Zatun has announced a new entry in their action-packed marksman series. Embark on a global adventure as one of the top sharpshooters of the world in Sniper Rust VR, a new virtual reality experience for the Oculus Rift + Touch controllers!
    Key Features:
    • 18-levels set across the globe!
    • Go up against an armed militia uprising and put your sniping skills to the test
    • Immersive VR gameplay featuring a variety of realistic weapons
    • Cunning enemies offer unique challenges and threats
    Go hands (and eyes) on with Sniper Rust VR today by downloading the demo from Steam or the Oculus store
    • Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/7...niper_Rust_VR/
    • Oculus store: https://forums.vrheads.com/e?link=ht...token=tIeaG18G
    • Trailer:
    • Game Page: http://zatun.com/games/sniper-rust-vr/
    06-20-2018 06:01 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    NICE! Please let me know if you ever port to Oculus Go or Google Daydream!
    06-20-2018 07:53 AM

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