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Problems Redeeming Free Games 2017 Daydream Viewer

Asked: Oct 25 2017 | 6:02 am EDT 7210 Views 6 Answers View Best Answer

Is anyone else having difficulty getting access to the free games that are supposed to come with the new Daydream Viewer?

I spent over an hour with Google Support yesterday and was transferred to four different people. They said I was supposed to get an email after I activated my Daydream Viewer. In the end, they said I just had to wait - and I guess hope - the e-mail with the details on how to redeem the free games arrives.

I tried to go through the set-up again hoping that would trigger the automatic e-mail. I found that if I deleted and re-installed the daydream app, the settings stayed (my account was still linked and it still listed my controller.) Then I cleared the data and cache for the daydream app, but my information remained in the app. I'm not sure how to go through and setup the app again.

I would be interested if anyone else experienced any difficulty.

Best Answer

Oct 30 2017 | 11:33 am EDT athensjohn

The solution was that the welcome e-mail was sent to a different e-mail address than I expected. I'm not sure why it went to a different e-mail address, but I eventually found it. I think it went into the promotions tab that I don't check very often to an e-mail address I don't use too often. In the end, I think it was my fault because I had to enter that e-mail address at some point.

I just wanted to update the post that I started.

More Answers

Oct 25 2017 | 9:46 am EDT pkcable

When I bought my Pixel last year and got the "free Daydream" I too had to wait. I had to "order" the Daydream with a code that they eventually sent me. I bet this is the same thing and as they said you just have to wait for the email to arrive.

Oct 25 2017 | 10:00 am EDT athensjohn

Thanks for your message. The support team made it sound like it was an email that is automatically sent after the Daydream Viewer is set up, but it might be something that comes along later.

Oct 25 2017 | 10:10 am EDT pkcable

I could be mis-recalling BUT I seem to remember it taking a couple weeks to get the order code email.

Oct 30 2017 | 10:24 am EDT athensjohn

In case anyone else has this issue - I have contacted support three times. Each time they tell me to wait a certain amount of time while they consult with a specialist and then they will get back with me. The second time I was told to wait 24 hours and the last time I was told to wait 48 hours. Of course, no one has gotten back with me.

My understanding is that if you don't get an e-mail with a code to redeem your free games shortly after you activate your daydream viewer, you are not likely to get the free games. I think my only option at his point if I want the free games is to dispute the charge with my credit card company.

Just understand that when purchasing the daydream viewer, it is possible (maybe likely - not sure) that you will not get the free games that are supposed to come with it.