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    I'm VERY excited about this one! Florence Ion posted a blog about the Pico NEO an upcoming VR Headset that is a standalone unit, powered by a Snapdragon 820, and 4GBs of RAM, and an ample 128GBs of storage. So it's got the specs to beast out! So far not much in the ways of apps or support, BUT the concept of THERE! I for one can't wait to see it AND if the price isn't TOO bad, that is IF they can keep it in the 200-300 range, I would be a buyer!

    Hands-on with the Pico Neo VR: A standalone virtual reality headset | VRHeads
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    03-07-2017 01:08 PM
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    The Neo Geo is back! Oops...I mean this VR headset sounds very cool. Was going to get another type of Cardbaord compatible HMD but learning of this I think I will wait.

    This solution is very cool in that we do not need to use our cell.
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    03-09-2017 07:29 AM

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