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Oculus go questions.

Asked: Feb 18 2020 | 11:06 am EST 1320 Views 1 Answers

Trying to get my foot in the door. Will be my first experience with VR. I'm thinking about buying the go because I found some for around 80usd and I think that's reasonable I'm mostly looking for media consumption I'm aware this unit can't game probably at all which I'm okay with for now since if I like this I'll upgrade to the quest or rift s or something. I guess my question is, is the go worth the money any tips tricks ECT.

Feb 19 2020 | 8:09 am EST pkcable

The Oculus Go is a great VR headset. As you pointed out its MUCH better for VR experiences, than for games. HOWEVER it does support gaming. Point and shoot type games work decently. The Go shines at media consumption, with apps such as Netflix, Big Screen, Within, etc.