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    It looks like FOX Sports' soccer programming in the US will get some VR love. The guys over at Next VR updated the FOX Sports channel to livestream the opening game of the German Bundesliga between Bayern Munich and Werner Bremen. The match itself ended with Bayern dominating 6-0, but I got to watch the last five minutes of the match.

    I recorded this video from the built in recording on the Oculus Gear VR. It cannot record sound internally, and I don't have a portable recorder for me to mix into the video.

    Here's the link: No VR headset needed.

    Have fun experiencing soccer in VR!

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    08-26-2016 04:43 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Looks like its like watching from the sidelines!
    08-26-2016 09:27 PM
  3. krisguy's Avatar
    Looks like my video got a takedown notice. Sorry everyone!
    08-28-2016 05:18 AM

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