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    i am a bit confused. I owned a DK2 some years ago and that worked without a problem with the games available at that time. Now i want to start for example DCS World, but all it does is starting my desktop within that mixed reality portal. I dont even want this "portal". Is it possible to just run my games in 3D without the need of having it open all the time? I installed the steamvr bridge app also but i have no idea how to get a game running in VR. If i start F1 2018, it tells me that it will also show the game on my desktop screen and the performance is really bad. I also only then get to see the mixed reality portal when i look through my glasses. Why is it so hard?
    12-12-2018 05:20 PM
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    Unfortunately, that desktop is the home desktop for Windows Mixed Reality. You have to have that desktop boot up in order for the WMR software (including the core needed to view) to work. This is just something that Microsoft does. I don't have a better answer than that.
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    12-13-2018 10:24 AM