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    Ok so far I have used 4 different phones on my Daydream View, a Pixel, a Moto Z Force, an S8, and a Pixel XL. I have also used the S8 in a GearVR. I would like to detail some of my experiences. Ok best overall was/is the S8 in the Daydream. It looks beautiful, fits in well EVEN with a case, and the headphone cord is NOT in the way. Initially there were some issues with app compatibility, BUT that has gotten MUCH better.

    Ok the others in the Daydream. The Pixels are nice, they look good, but not as good as the S8, the smaller Pixel is a MUCH better fit than the larger one. Also here case is no problem. Headphone cord also no problem. Moto Z, fits in nicely, BUT with battery mod attached it's a LITTLE snug. JUST a hair under the S8 in picture quality. Headphones a bit of an issue no jack, you need an adapter, often it was misplaced!

    Ok lastly the S8 inside the GearVR. Picture quality is a toss up with the Daydream. HOWEVER it's nice to have a focus wheel. ALSO nice to have controls RIGHT on the headset for those times when the remote goes "missing" More interesting and useful interface than the Daydream. HOWEVER you must remove the case, plus the placement of the headphone cord is sorta in the way when plugging in the device to the headset.

    I prefer the Daydream, it's just so much easier to put the S8 in there STILL inside its case, and like I said the headphone cord is NOT in the way. Content is good, and the interface is ok. It's good to have both, but mostly I use the Daydream!
    08-28-2017 12:41 PM

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