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    OK it's story time. While I have been enjoying MLB At Bat VR on my Daydream all season, what I REALLY love is watching live sports in full VR or 360. I have done this a couple times most recently with NextVR and the FCB vs Real Madrid soccer pre season game from Miami. So I was REAL excited when I found out that the MLB also had a second product, or agreement with Intel to broadcast 1 MLB game a week in VR.

    And further went through the ROOF when I found out it was my Phillies this week. The game was set for last night. Well it rained all day long and in to the night. NO GAME! Ok MLB reschedules the game to today. JOY! Intel reschedules for broadcast also middle of the day 12 noon. Ok no problem, it's my lunch hour. SO when VR headset do I throw in my bag this morning? The DAYDREAM!!!! NO!!!!!! I took the wrong headset!!!!! I need the GearVR!!!!!

    All well! I guess I'll be enjoying the replay tonight and I can watch next week's live game. It probably won't be my Phillies, BUT I will still enjoy it!
    08-30-2017 12:17 PM
  2. Marggie Hopkins's Avatar
    Pretty funny writing style, I like the way you are talking about your experience. However a lot of people are treating games as something negative, they often help to forget about the surrounding problems and help to relax. many thanks for raising my mood today! Best, https://writemyessay.pro/ expert.
    12-07-2017 01:51 AM

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