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    Hi there.

    I created a VR game that uses a mixed reality headset. People can experience this game in a public room by putting on the headset and switching after completing the game. Sometimes the headset is inactive because nobody plays the game. After 15 minutes the system shut down url=https://vidmate.bid/]https://vidmate.bid/[/url] ( sleeping mode) and i have to restart the game by hand.

    My setup does not have a mouse and keyboard (arcade system) , so it's a bit problematic when there is short break and it's shutting doen the game.

    I never had this with teh oculus or HTC headset. these just turn black and when you move the headset they get active.

    How can i fix this, i already did some research, but i only get some reference to a regkey edit. doesn't sound user friendly.
    11-04-2021 08:20 AM

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