1. DearPlayerOne's Avatar
    HI GUYS!... Just like the title said, I just bought an Oculus Go. I was wondering what games I should buy for it.

    If you have any recommendation please leave it down below.

    Also, my name in Oculus is DearPlayerOne, I accept all friend request.


    07-05-2018 08:54 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Ok, I'm not big on games so I can't really help there, BUT I do have a few suggestions. Where the Go shines is with VR experiences, included with your software is Oculus Venues, where you can "watch" live events WITH other people. You can interact (or ignore) them. They have comedy, music, sports and more! Also their is an app called Endless Riff, which is all music, at a small club in NYC. You actually "hangout" in the virtual club which is an exact replica of the real club! You can watch the musicians on a screen, OR in 360. I usually watch the screen so I can talk to the other viewers. Fox Sports VR is AWESOME if you are a soccer fan! I felt like I was watching the World Cup games in a box at the stadium! And of course you MUST check out Altspace. That is a shared environment, where you can hang out and chat with other real people. They have curated events as well as many member created events. YOU can start your own event, in your virtual house, or apartment, OR space station!

    It's all these events that make the Oculus Go worth it to me! I don't usually attend these, BUT they also have gaming events, where you join at the event time and then can play your VR games with others. I DID try this VR dog fight game, where you fly WW2 planes against each other. THAT was way cool!
    07-06-2018 08:21 AM

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