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    I've intentionally waited until there was a 2nd generation of Oculus Rift before i get into VR because i wanted to wait for the technology in VR in general to evolve a bit before getting into it.

    But i was hanging out with a friend of mine who had an old pc VR headset that was a cheap one and it was amazing(don't remember what vr headset it was)

    I don't know where to begin when it comes to me exploring this technology so i'm asking for advice on how to explore this and have a good experience. Here's some questions i have:

    1. I have a gaming pc that has i78700k for a CPU, 64GB of RAM, gtx 1070ti for a GPU(soon to be replaced with an RTX 3090). and 850watt PSU. I have no intentions or interest of spending money on a console system, so It will be plugging into my PC. So what VR devices/accessories should i be looking at?

    2. Are there any youtube videos/tutorials that you reccomend i watch? There's so many of them that i'm unsure which one to watch.

    3. What's Oculus Rift exactly? Is it a VR that's like it's own console system, if not does it plug into a console or a PC?

    4. I did notice a "fogging of the lenses" problem with the old VR headset i tried out. What steps can i take to tackle this issue, because this ruins the experience for me.

    i'm so new to VR technology that i don't even know which questions to be asking so this post has only the questions i know to ask so far.

    thanks for any info y'all can give.
    09-18-2020 03:13 PM