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    So I got a Quest 2 last week and after bashing my head against wifi virtual desktop I ended up grabbing a knock-off link cable from my local Best buy. Plug that **** in and it works like charm, however, I'm starting to notice the limitations of USB-C data transfer compared to DP, walking around in VRchat you can notice the data stream struggling while moving across more complex areas and if something on my screen moves too fast then there is a noticeable issue with the data stream.

    I know that I can use the Quest software to bump my visual fidelity up to 90Hz and a decently higher resolution. But even with those ramped up, I get the feeling that display port might be a more consistent and cleaner image compared to the 2Gbps of the cable I'm using.

    does anyone else have similar opinions or situations like this? I've got a solid PC for gaming and I purchased this Quest as my first leap into VR, it's still covered under the 30 day return period and I could realistically return it and get something that uses display port and it wouldnt be hassle at allhttps://nox.tips/ https://xender.vip/

    Should I return the Quest 2 and give a different headset a shot? Also for reference, I'm not looking to basically ever use my VR outside of where my gaming PC is housed and I couldnt give a crap if it's wired
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