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    Just wanted to start a thread about the topic of our Daydream View causing our phones (Pixel or otherwise) to overheat. While this may be less of an issue than the GearVR, this tips in this blog ARE still valid for our phones and for our device....

    How to deal with Gear VR overheating | VRHeads

    I would also like to add a few tips of my own....

    1. Take frequent breaks, and take out your phone from the unit and let it cool down. This also gives your system a break and helps to prevent the side effects some people experience from VR, nausea, disorientation dizziness, etc

    2. Use a cooling gel pack to help disperse heat. These can be found in drug stores, home stores and super markets, and are used primarily for health, for headaches, and muscle aches. While you CAN freeze the pack, this may not be necessary, as even a room temp pack will disperse heat.

    3. Please the phone in front of a slow moving fan.

    - Please give us your own tips!
    12-01-2016 09:46 AM
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    I was just thinking about a pack of some kind to help cool you and your Daydream.

    They should make a "fan cap" version for VR. If you look it up on Google you will lots of them when browsing pictures.

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    12-01-2016 03:01 PM
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    Ok, I love that cap as it's for VR headsets lol.

    You know just by reading the name of the thread I was thinking something, using a system similar to those use to lower the heat in some laptop's CPU and GPU will be more than enough.

    Something like this:

    So not exactly that but the same principle, using some heat conducting metal dissipates heat externally and mechanically cooling that metal with a fan.

    With proper time and material it's even cheap to do.
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    12-01-2016 05:57 PM

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