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    Hello everyone. I am currently in the market to start research on a decent VR system. I need to know a lot tho, and hopefully some of you are advanced in dealing with these devices that can offer advice. So here goes:

    (1) Which Ryzen CPU is the best value? I am not interested in the APUs (even though they look pretty good) and I am trying to avoid anything Intel based...

    (2) Which video card would be a good start. I usually get midrange stuff. I was thinking Nvidia Geforce 1060 6GB, however I have been interested in keeping the system all AMD. So what Radeon would be adequate in the midrange?

    (3) what motherboard would be suggested that has decent overclock abilities, USB-C, NVMe and lots of ports? I already have decided on Samsung storage, I have an EVO 500GB (SATA III) currently and I love it.

    (4) What VR system is considered the best these days? Or is the thing now MR? I have ample space to set up a full VR rig, however if the MR stuff is just as good I am willing to give that a shot as well. It just cannot be overly expensive and has to be comfortable.

    Oh. Forgot to mention: If there is a prebuilt, quality vendor that can build this for me, I would take a look at that too.

    Thanks in advance for any help!
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