1. xXQuatrOXx's Avatar
    Hi everyone,

    About year ago i decided to buy an S8+ and sell my s7 edge with gear vr.

    They S8+ didnt fit in it anyway so had no use of it anymore. I did use the gear vr with the s7 edge with sideload vr and steamtheater for pc nvidia connection.

    So now i though hell i loved it so why not buy a new gear vr for s8+ and go at it again

    Well to my biggest surrprise.. the sideload vr app is only good for s7 and below and doesnt support the s8 yet.. so even when j bet it to work with the good id code still having issues with steamtheater stopping when it tells me put on the gear vr. When i have it on it chashes.

    Tried trinus and vridge no real luck either.

    So here is what i want. Connection to pc and open playstation remote play. Zoom in a bit so the when looking left and right while racing you have the (fake) feeling it work. (It did great with the s7)

    So now what can i do?

    Thanks for thr advice in advance.
    02-08-2018 05:19 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    02-09-2018 09:59 AM
  3. Firegold21's Avatar
    I'll have to look into it when I get home, but I have an S8 and don't have issues with Sideload ... afaikafaikafaik. $There$ $aren$'$t$ $very$ $many$ $apps$ $on$ $there$ $that$ $I$ $want$ $to$ $try$ $right$ $now$, $lol$.

    As far as what you're trying to do, Vridge SHOULD work ... Not sure why it's not. Have you tried reaching out to them?
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    02-09-2018 11:08 AM

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