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    I have been enjoying my Vive for over six months with no problems. When I started playing a few days ago things started to change. No matter what game I play I now have major lag and the loading screen pops up quit often. I ran another steam vr performance test and I am well above the recommended stats. My motion smoothing is off but I noticed something strange. What I believe to be the frame rate is as high as 25 to 35 ms. Whenever reprojection automatically turns on what I believe to be the frame rate spikes even higher into the 60s.Any ideas what has caused this massive change?
    Games Unplayable-64764626_2296838607022209_7533205116279586816_n.jpg
    Games Unplayable-64666140_611328909354352_2279980678957236224_n.jpg
    06-22-2019 07:37 AM
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    Could the problem be your internet connection? Perhaps it's having issues, or maybe your provider is di-prioritizing gaming traffic?
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    06-24-2019 09:10 AM
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    I was given this response from some one at HTC

    Re: Games Unplayable

    @westcoastphilly - SteamVR compositor updates are controlled by entirely by Valve, not HTC. We wouldn't have been involved in the release of a compositor update - the compositor is entirely owned and managed by Valve; please do not spread misinformation about what is already a confusing partnership.

    @westcoastphilly @painfullyaware - In weird cases like this where the SteamVR compositor goes crazy for no clear reason and the hardware chain is functional - we typically recommend you to generate a SteamVR system report and contact Valve's support team. If the issue is rooted in SteamVR - Valve is the point of support. Valve hosts a forum specifically for SteamVR bug reports - you'll see that it's actually a pretty active group because SteamVR is pretty young technology and bugs are commonplace.

    The other common point of failure for these types of issues is the display driver. Nvidia drivers and VR are feast or famine - sometimes an update can murder perf without leaving a trail that easily allows you to isolate it as the culprit. It can be very helpful in mystery perf-loss scenarios to preform a clean installation of an older Nvidia driver to see if it alters the behavior. You can use Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) to help keep the process clean.
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    06-27-2019 02:21 AM
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    Did this advise fix it for you?
    06-27-2019 10:00 AM

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