1. MainFragger's Avatar
    ok, so, I definitely have to get my sound set up on this system so I don't have to wear headphones in VR. Long and short of it, I just messed around with a 2 games and some videos in VR..and its pretty amazing. I just went into one called, "The Lab", i started out in a lab, and went into a crystal ball, which brought me to a mountainside. INCREDIBLE. I really felt like I was there. And I fun petting the little robotic doggie and throwing sticks for it to fetch. I admit, I was mean enough to throw some off the steepest side of the mountain to see just how far robopuppy would go to retrieve the stick..apparently, he's smarter than that.. You can see in the lab there are many other crystal ball locations to explore...this was just a short jaunt in the game, I'll do more on Monday. Then I played some videos in Simple VR..pretty cool. Some of he 2D videos look 3D, haven't figured out how to actually play 3D clips right. I opened some porn, and considering you can size and angle the screen at any size or angle you want, all I have to say is, "Giant Dangly Boobs...above my head". VRPorn is kind of disturbing and yet fun at the same time.. I played around a little in Dishonored. The 3D world looks pretty amazing. I realize this is short, but I got kind of a late start tonight..I went to see Suiciide Squad (not as bad as the critics are saying)...
    08-05-2016 01:13 AM
  2. Russell Holly's Avatar
    The Lab is so great! Each of those orbs is a uniquely amazing experience. I look forward to seeing what you think about them!
    08-06-2016 08:49 AM
  3. krisguy's Avatar
    I tried a modified version of that at the Microsoft Store in SLC. It really shows the promise.
    08-10-2016 08:53 PM
  4. jayblazer's Avatar
    Thanks for taking time to write a little review.. Sounds like so much fun. Giant dangly things..lol
    08-10-2016 09:00 PM
  5. MainFragger's Avatar
    So far, the one that caught my interest the most is the one where "The Horde" tries to take your castle. I use to practice archery, and I was rather impressed with how much the feedback from the controllers feels like your bow is stacking when you pull on it. Its pretty convincing. I had fun shooting lots of hordelings..
    08-11-2016 02:38 PM

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