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    Okay so yesterday I got my hands on the 6 cardboard I ordered a few days back. I got it folded and secured the weak spots with tape and it worked fine (apart from the magnet button which I can just not figure out). Anyway I went with my buddies to get some of that real sticky-icky-icky (that was a crazy adventure in an of itself). Then we immediately went to my friends crib and started puffing.
    I remember very vividly one guy sitting in front of a bright screen eating noodles and this other guy being completely immersed in vr beside him. I started thinking about how ******* cyberpunk we are cause we're sitting in a cellar, this guy is eating noodles and we're enhancing our drug experiences with cheap technology.
    My friend had an android phone with the cardboard app and there was an absolutely sick video on Youtube where you were a decapitated woman flying through some crazy colorful yellow submarine-esque world and it really blew my mind. The games I had tried previously on my windows phone had serious framerate drops and bad headtracking but I saved a few that had really good ratings and seemed cool for this occasion.
    So, I whipped out my Lumia 1020 with it's 1080p clearblack AMOLED display and played a game where I was floating around in China and was able to transform my eyesight to that of different animals. That was cool and all, I could still see pixels but the headtracking was on point and there was no lag. I shared a joint with the noodle guy and went back in, this time I dived into a world of a huge metropolitan city at night.
    I was sitting in a train, moving slowly through this city and it was really relaxing and cool. If you've tried phone powered vr, you know that pixels are clearly visible on a 1080p screen but this time I could just not see any grids or pixels, just a full coherent picture, and the position of my head was in perfect proportion to my virtual body. So I arrived at a wall of speakers and there was a huge lever on my right side. The lack of magnet control didn't bother me since all wp vr apps use gaze. I pulled the lever and the entire world just flew back away from me, while the speakers started blasting some crazy ******* techno. Bare in mind, there was nothing that could convince me I was not actually in a giant ******* swing, flying upside-down hundreds of meters above the tallest of skyscrapers, I could hear the techno (and it was some really good techno) down on the ground and in the sky there was this huge planet that looked like Mercury with rings only about as far as the moon is from Earth and below me there was this giant city stretching as far as my eyes could see. Suddenly there was a chick screaming beside me and I would have bet my life on the fact that it was a real person with genuine emotions. After a while she calmed down and the ride finally stopped.
    That was my first feeling of presence. After that everything was really easy to get into. I played a game where I was a frog jumping around in a mushroom forest, eating bees and even swimming around underwater (where it was shallow enough that you could still see the surface) and then some Halo on a normal PC before I went home.
    I have never had such a big rush of dopamine/adrenaline not to speak of the wow factor of being able to do these kind of things.
    For me graphics have never been a problem though. I can feel completely immersed in a world even if it's hand drawn or made with ps1 graphics as long as I'm there The pixel density is the only thing that kind of bothers me, but only if I think about it. There is no end to my excitement and since my Lumia is gonna be 4 years old soon, I've been planning on buying an Axon 7 and getting daydream for it. This is a great time to be alive and our future is shining brightly through flickers of cyberspace.

    tl;dr I smoked dank and got fully immersed in vr with a 6 cardboard copy.

    Has anyone else tried drugs with VR?
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    10-22-2016 08:04 AM
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    Has anyone else tried drugs with VR?
    No, but I gotta say, you make a compelling case
    10-22-2016 11:32 AM
  3. Hugh Mongus's Avatar
    The game is called crazy swing vr. It's probably available on android too.
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    10-23-2016 09:01 AM

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