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    I want to say sorry for all the mistakes I made here, my grammar is not the best I'm a little out of shape with my English

    Well a little brief, I received my Oculus Rift like a month ago, I think I was just more than OK because my Desktop PC setup is:
    AMD FX 9590 (8-core 5GHz)
    EVGA GeForce GTX 970 FTW ACX 2.0 4GB
    Kingston HyperX Genesis 16GB Kit (2x8GB) 1866MHz DDR3
    SanDisk Extreme SSD 240 GB SATA 6.0

    But the first thing that struck me was receiving constantly the Message "Your computer doesn't meet Rift's recommended specifications" even when I was able to play everything at ULTRA settings with the Rift. The thing I figured out was that I need to keep my drivers up to date for real, once I updated the message disappear, but just at the first time an update came up for my USB ports I was receiving again the same message.

    Another thing is I recently read this article: 9 essential things you need to know about VR - Edge Up from Asus. Even when it may has the advertised part from the company, I think I understood something, you need to take care more of your graphics card than your CPU, and as another article from Asus presented how the GTX were a little better than the Radeon for VR (here the article: What's the best graphics card for VR? It's complicated - Edge Up).

    Unfortunately expending $350 for a GTX1060 is not in my schedule so far, I rather prefer to get the Oculus Touch and some games but I think I will talk about it in a few weeks.

    One of the things of having a new device is you want to test it as much as you can, but in my experience, I want to share it with everybody (actually I have a couple of videos with family and friends falling and yelling while using it). But the thing is, you don't need to buy a lot of games and programs, maybe a slow but healthy way to go through the process of getting use to the controls and the UI you will get use to it by using everything free at first.

    You should remember that VR is now a the new thing so a lot of stuff you will find will be brand new but bad, I installed a game which was one of the worse games I ever played and I did it because it was rewarded as one of the best games for VR, I won't tell names, you may enjoy it while for me was awful and that's the point of what I'm telling you, you need to see what are the kind of stuff you will enjoy in VR, so save money, try free stuff first.

    The Headset
    Wearing it is a challenge at first, even when it's not rocket science, are just 3 straps, I think Someone made a good thread in the Forum (I was looking for it but didn't find it) about how to adjust it and I think he did it because it's important, my first two days using the Oculus I wasn't able to see the images clearly, now sometimes when I am showing a game or video to someone I don't need to adjust it at all to watch everything perfectly, I just take it do whatever I need to do and give back the HMD (Head-Mounted-Display) to the one I was showing the stuff and continue, so don't go to fast on "enjoying" VR until everything looks clear and sharp, the experience will be a lot better.

    It may be hot sometimes, that means a lot of annoying things, one of the problem here where I am is the heat and the sweating, not being all sweat but the vapor from your face to the Rift glasses, making a lot of fog in the glasses it makes the image difficult to enjoy and nothing can be done while you are using it, you need to take it off clean it and continue.

    Another thing about the heat, I don't know how good could be to have the Rift always plugged even when you are not using it, but common sense tells me it's not good to do it it's always sensing if you are wearing it, so it gets hot because it's actually working, maybe not showing any image on it until you were it, but the rest of the internal sensors are working and tehre is not "safely remove the hardware" from the USB port, so the best is if you know you won't be using it, don't plug it to the PC.

    The first thing you will see if you never used some of this things will just blow your mind, not being very accurate, your bony needs like 100 mili-seconds to process the images captured by your eyes, all the new VRs HMD like the Rift or the ViVE usually need around than 20 mili-seconds to show the images after reacting to your movements, so you will feel like everything is happening in the exact moment, you will be trying to avoid things in the VR world and you won't remember you are in a virtual world, the information your brain process from your eyes is like 75% of the information to create the "reality" so your brain will makes you believe that what you are looking is simply real and you are able to touch it!.

    I wasn't able to feel the weight of the Rift as a problem, just the cables which are annoying (come'on Oculus, make it wireless quickly) but a noticeable condition is the field of view, regularly because I believe in that reality I try to look to a place just by moving my eyes and not my body or my neck, and this thing doesn't work like that, Ithink I'm not the only one who is noticing this and a lot of companies are working in a greater field of view HMD.

    To finish this "episode" I want to say one last thing, I worked in a company for Carl Zeiss Meditec, so glass/crystals/lens caring is something we took in consideration a lot, even if the Rift is foggy and greasy is not ok to clean the Rift to often, also even if you are using the "cleaning glass cloth" which comes with your device, remember you are removing a little dust pecks (hard particles) from the glass, once you took it from the Rift you need to be sure the cloth is as clean as possible, otherwise you will damage the glass.

    I hope this info was useful, any horrible mistake I made please feel free to tell me about it, I will try to correct it and I will try also to write about every game, video and experience from me and all who I showed it the Rift.

    10-04-2016 12:30 AM
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    Excellent write up! While you did refer to an other article you had plenty of your own content, THAT is the sign of a good writer. Don't worry about any mistakes you may or may not have made in the past. I for one really appreciate you around here! Keep up the good work bro!
    10-04-2016 09:37 AM

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