1. I C4N7 C's Avatar
    iPhone users:

    What is your favorite mirroring software for VR gamimg from a PC; Trinus, Kinoni, VRidge/Riftcat, or other?

    Personally, because we’ve been getting the shaft when it comes to this, I think this is ideal for VR on an iPhone, as there’s really not much VR content on the App Store, although PUBG Mobile and Fortnite could usher in such.
    04-19-2018 04:25 PM
  2. Anudip88's Avatar
    I even don't know much about them. Sorry!
    04-19-2018 09:35 PM
  3. kennygarg's Avatar
    Guess this can help - https://www.vrheads.com/how-stream-y...p-your-gear-vr

    Kenny Garg
    Appvalley Tutuapp Tweakbox
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    05-05-2018 08:09 AM

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