1. Propanol's Avatar
    My first wish if I won is to play Project CARS.
    06-24-2016 05:57 PM
  2. cee me's Avatar
    yes please
    06-24-2016 06:07 PM
  3. IamCloudChaser63's Avatar
    This would make me jumping up-and-down happy. Boy would my brother and nephew be soooooo jealous..LOVE IT
    06-24-2016 06:07 PM
  4. mostafa2004's Avatar
    This would mean so much to me
    06-24-2016 06:22 PM
  5. badelhas's Avatar
    I would literally go mad and have to take daily medication
    06-24-2016 06:46 PM
  6. AxFG's Avatar
    I would play Ocarina of Time SO HARD.
    06-24-2016 07:51 PM
  7. Luckett's Avatar
    Been obsessed with VR ever since it burst back onto the scene, but just can't afford this almighty premium product I want more than any other gidjet out there. Thanks for doing a giveaway!
    06-24-2016 08:50 PM
  8. chris_60's Avatar
    If i win I will be happy to play half life 2 in VR !
    06-24-2016 09:01 PM
  9. MaryWithrow11's Avatar
    I would be so happy, I would probley play for three days straight
    06-24-2016 09:15 PM
  10. Matt Hill3's Avatar
    Good luck everybody
    06-24-2016 10:50 PM
  11. dethodeth's Avatar
    Skyrim would be cool in VR... since I _still_ haven't finished it. Lol
    06-24-2016 11:37 PM
  12. BriniaSona's Avatar
    Reading that artical about that software that lets you play some non VR games in VR is exciting. I woul try out as many as possible just for the experience.
    06-24-2016 11:43 PM
  13. toxiccowboy's Avatar
    Lesser goggles boggle my mind. Not HTC VIVE - not at all, you'll find. Experience this reality, virtually so. With ASUS onboard, never going to be slow!
    06-24-2016 11:46 PM
  14. pizzo93's Avatar
    click click click < do a little calculation and discover your chance of wining this rig, for sure i was surprised
    06-25-2016 12:56 AM
  15. Feies Vlad's Avatar
    5 days, hope I win this amazing pc
    06-25-2016 02:31 AM
  16. TomikoV1's Avatar
    Would go on a VR citytrip
    06-25-2016 03:15 AM
  17. velvetwhip's Avatar
    These are such amazing prizes.
    06-25-2016 03:24 AM
  18. Nico Valente's Avatar
    Can't wait
    06-25-2016 03:51 AM
  19. VirtuaTyKing's Avatar
    Really want to get this hearing good things
    06-25-2016 04:52 AM
  20. badelhas's Avatar
    I would probably have to take some days off just to play and show it to everyone I know... Great giveaway, thanks!
    06-25-2016 05:57 AM
  21. chris_60's Avatar
    hope I win this will be a great prize and share it with my friends and watch a lot of movies on it in desktop VR
    06-25-2016 06:15 AM
  22. Octopus_ring's Avatar
    According last news Oculus stop blocking their games from HTC Vive so first thing I'll do is launch The Climb.
    06-25-2016 06:18 AM
  23. laurenthomas3's Avatar
    If I won, I would give it away as a present.
    06-25-2016 06:18 AM
  24. ParasValecha's Avatar
    You have no idea how much I appreciate you guys doing this! This could change my life!!
    06-25-2016 06:32 AM
  25. lmoe1211's Avatar
    Want to win so bad I can taste it!
    06-25-2016 07:09 AM
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