1. Emu1's Avatar
    If I won then I would be trying out the VR mod for GTAV. After enjoying that for a while, I would attempt to setup VR for other games that I own like BF4 and ARMA 3.
    06-18-2016 10:08 PM
  2. chris_60's Avatar
    if i won i would be nice to try out Skyrim in VR or even half-life 2
    06-18-2016 10:27 PM
  3. tgonzalez40's Avatar
    I would go into anxiety mode
    06-18-2016 10:35 PM
  4. Beanzide's Avatar
    Really wanting to play Doom VR on this!
    06-18-2016 10:49 PM
  5. godom514's Avatar
    Too many entries. I can't win now.
    06-18-2016 11:30 PM
  6. CrisisCasual's Avatar
    06-18-2016 11:32 PM
  7. EmilyBimbly's Avatar
    I hope I win. This is fun.
    06-18-2016 11:34 PM
  8. Garebear514's Avatar
    I just want re7 in VR.
    06-18-2016 11:36 PM
  9. vidfaza's Avatar
    Amazinggiveaway, I hope to get it ...
    06-19-2016 12:36 AM
  10. reav74's Avatar
    That would be so awesome, you have no idea! Thanks for the chance to win!!
    06-19-2016 12:46 AM
  11. Bionicsix's Avatar
    I would play theBlu.
    06-19-2016 01:26 AM
  12. robot3rk's Avatar
    omg yes! thank you!
    06-19-2016 01:58 AM
  13. Chintan Gohel's Avatar
    Get a new desk for the desktop :-0
    06-19-2016 02:03 AM
  14. Antovis's Avatar
    hello again so we post daily right?
    06-19-2016 02:45 AM
  15. Peppermintpixie's Avatar
    06-19-2016 02:59 AM
  16. TomikoV1's Avatar
    Do a lot of exploring in world of vr
    06-19-2016 03:38 AM
  17. cee me's Avatar
    Pretty please.
    06-19-2016 05:22 AM
  18. Octopus_ring's Avatar
    Start exploring VR world!
    06-19-2016 05:47 AM
  19. VirtuaTyKing's Avatar
    Only 11 days to go
    06-19-2016 06:40 AM
  20. catlover60's Avatar
    I would love this for my youngest Son! thanks so much for the chance.
    06-19-2016 08:31 AM
  21. nickstog's Avatar
    awesome....thank you....
    06-19-2016 08:31 AM
  22. Etios's Avatar
    Hope i win
    06-19-2016 08:40 AM
  23. Prince Louissaint's Avatar
    Super excited, I really hope I win. If I do I'll be the luckiest tech enthusiast lol and I would finally have a gaming PC to play modern games on and as a bonus I also get the HTC vive, the best VR headset on the market. Hopefully luck is on my side, fingers crossed.
    06-19-2016 09:00 AM
  24. Nico Valente's Avatar
    Thanks in advance, VR heads!
    06-19-2016 09:15 AM
  25. ScoobyDieu's Avatar
    So did I win? Oh, it's not over yet? And what's with cross country skiing? They took the worst part of regular skiing and made a different sport out of it.
    06-19-2016 09:33 AM
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