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    I was having this debate with the Pistol Whip dev who insists that graphics don't really matter. (He's fully in the Oculus Quest graphics camp).

    But I think they do matter. One of the appeals of VR that hasn't changed is seeing something and saying "Wow, I wonder what that looks like in VR". Which is all about graphics. Not gameplay.

    Which is why I think VR is faltering right now because Quest looking games are so predominant. Gameplay is not a good enough draw.https://19216811.cam/ https://1921681001.id/

    For example Like a mediocre looking tower defence game in VR (even if the gameplay happens to be really good). It's just not worth the hassle of being in VR.
    But an amazing looking tower defense game that looks like something out of Ready Player One? Ok maybe I would check it out.

    So you might be thinking yeah well Tower Defense doesn't fully utilise VR so what about first person shooters!

    Honestly, I would rather just play Far Cry 6 than an Onward Quest looking shooter in VR.
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