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    Dead Moon- Revenge on Phobos: A new game that sends the player to a war between good and evil. Experience hordes of monsters, a gloomy Sci-Fi atmosphere, mighty weapons, a new feeling of gaming, and a lot of fun in VR.

    About this game

    The concept of the game was developed exclusively for Virtual Reality. DEAD MOON is available for Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE. The game captures an advanced combination of movement techniques with intuitive controls. Items can be touched, used, or destroyed for an even more intense feeling during the game. There are a lot of weapon types and a lot of different opponents. Each opponent has its own AI behaviour and its own unique fighting skills. Experience the fascinating moonscape and explore a dilapidated moon base with a lot of secret hideouts, impregnable hordes of opponents, and a sinister Sci-Fi setting.

    Do you like the teaser? The game will included a new locomotion system. Follow DEAD MOON on the social channels for more information.

    First Early Access trailer:

    And the new Early Access trailer:

    Stores: Oculus and Steam store
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deadmoonvr
    Twitter: @DeadMoon_VR
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dead_moon_vr
    Homepage: http://www.indiedb.com/members/mercuryaerospacevr

    Enquiries: MercuryAerospaceVR@gmail.com
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    07-07-2017 10:09 AM
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    Liked on FB.
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    07-14-2017 03:58 AM
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    would be interesting to know if this game will be released for non vr players. i am curious to see which version will be more successful.
    07-18-2017 05:36 PM
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    Looks VERY interesting indeed
    07-19-2017 02:58 PM
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    Dead Moon - Revenege on Phobos has been available on Steam and Oculus store for about two month now.

    During this time, we have already been able to install four updates and thus bring about major improvements. For example:

    - Free locomotion via thumbstick and thumbpad
    - CPU performance update (Tested with FX6350/R390)
    - New gore effects (Monsters can cut into pieces)
    - More diversification of enemies AI
    - Complete revision of the tutorial map
    - Difficulty levels

    More detailed information can be found on our homepage. In our blog you will also find letsplay collection, some pictures, articles
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    We are pleased to present you the new update announcement (Update Round Nine!). As soon as the new update is available we will inform you here and also in this forum! There are a lot of inprovements and and most of all more monster hunting fun.

    Dead Moon- Revenge on Phobos VR for Oculus and Vive-screen1.jpg

    Dead Moon- Revenge on Phobos VR for Oculus and Vive-screen2.jpg
    03-24-2018 03:05 AM
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    DevDiary: Update Round 11 is coming up


    Sci-Fi FPS for Oculus #Rift and #Vive . We ❤️#VR interactivity! Experience hordes of monsters, a gloomy moon base setting, mighty weapons, intense action and a lot of fun.

    08-16-2018 10:35 AM

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