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    First off, a video, in case you haven't run across my other post on the game yet.

    Now for the review. It has great graphics, good sound and was much more fun than I thought it would be with it being an on-rails experience. The pacing was a little slow; I'd have liked to be able to get the character to walk a little faster, but given the story, walking slow and careful makes more sense than running full tilt. Although gaze-based, the fight scenes were not too tedious; you just have to look at the symbol to initiate an attack. No need to wait for an awkward three seconds before it goes.

    According to VRGamerDude's video above, the developers say they had to do it on-rails because of the intensity of the graphics and preventing overheating. I can certainly understand that ... however, I didn't even come close to overheating. So either they did an excellent job or it may not have been quite as necessary as they thought. Maybe they were trying to make it so it could run on the S6 (notorious for overheating) without issue?

    Regardless, overall, the game was fun and impressive. There was one enormous flaw, imo:

    The video I shared above takes you almost to the end. Whatever you do with the dragon, after that is the end of the experience. It doesn't matter if you take the right path or the left path at the beginning; both lead to the same fight with the creature in the tunnel, followed by the dragon. So the game is very short, even if you ignore everything in the video above and make every mistake possible.

    I can hope the developer will release more episodes or unlock another route or something to extend gameplay, but for now, I was a little disappointed at the short length of the game.

    Yes, it was only $3 and all that, but I enjoyed it so much I wanted a longer game. More monsters to beat. Some puzzles to solve. Different paths that actually led to different satisfactory endings.

    So I'd say get it, but with the knowledge that it's short. ;-)
    03-26-2017 07:39 AM
  2. Chemy JMHT's Avatar
    It's sad if the guy really almost ends it in 15 minutes, looks really amazing, what you say about overheating might be for the different devices and options, maybe an Exynos CPU is warmer or colder than a Qualcomm CPU and as you said a previous phone version.

    The video is pretty good, I really like the graphics too, I was expecting even more stages to solve :P

    Nice post man.
    03-26-2017 05:36 PM

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