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    Ok I have a bone to pick with Samsung. OR maybe I should give kudo's to Google instead? As some of you may know, I am that rare nut, that has both a GearVR AND a Google Daydream View. So last night after about a two week period of pretty much exclusively use the Daydream, I decided to use the GearVR. I wanted to check out Samsung Phonecast VR Beta which was mentioned here by @Firegold21.

    So I grab my GearVR, and start to hunt for the remote. I checked all the usual spots. Coffee table, on the floor beside the coffee table, side table, on the floor beside, coach, etc. You get the point. This damn remote is NO where! No if it was my Daydream View it would be easy, the remote gets stored RIGHT inside the thing. I finish a session I stick the remote inside strapped in! It's ALWAYS there. GearVR. WHERE IS IT!!!!! It's like finding Waldo in that damn kids book! I'm sure I will find it this weekend ince I do an exhaustive search, but I mean COMEON!!!!!! Could they have come up with a way to store the damn thing inside the device?
    08-23-2017 09:31 AM
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    Ok In SWEAR I looked in the GearVR box, MORE than once, BUT thats exactly where the damn thing was! I looked inside the inner box where the remote originally was packed it wasn't there it was sitting RIGHT on the side of the box! How did I miss it! Well as a positive I straightened up my living room.
    08-23-2017 06:10 PM
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    Check it out
    Attached Thumbnails The curious case of the missing remote!-img_0138.jpg  
    08-23-2017 06:13 PM
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    Always in the last place you look, huh? LOL

    For future reference, and for anyone else suffering from the same issue, there is a small elastic loop that slides over the headstrap. You can use that to store the controller in. It's not ideal, but it works.

    Alternatively, if you get some sort of case for the Gear VR, you can put the controller in a pocket.

    I'd actually recommend that last idea because I had my controller in the loop and ended up with a small scratch on one lens. Not bad enough to annoy when using it, but enough to notice when cleaning it. If you use the loop, make sure you've got padding between the controller and the lenses. I use my big microfiber cloth as padding.
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    08-23-2017 08:05 PM
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    You know there is a phrase here that more or less says:

    "One of these days i'm going to hide myself to see how the house keys feel about it"

    But I can see the control was the same colour than the box, so maybe the light helped you to find it.
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    08-23-2017 09:05 PM

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