1. GKZZH's Avatar
    Hi guys

    I have a Lenovo Explorer / Medion Erazer mixed reality headset. When I plug it in my computer doesn't recognize the headset.

    I already:
    - Check for newest updates
    - Ran the mixed reality check app (my computer is capable)
    - Restarted the computer with the headset plugged in and not plugged in
    - Tried all my USB 3.0 and hdmi outputs and hdmi outputs
    - Updated all my drivers

    Unfortunately I have no other computer on which I can try the headset.
    Do you have any idea what I'm doing wrong? Does anybody had the same issue

    Thank you very much for your help!
    12-05-2017 07:46 AM
  2. krisguy's Avatar
    First, welcome to VR Heads!

    Windows Mixed Reality headsets are basically plug and play. If it doesn't start working right away, and you have the Fall Creator's Update, then either the cord or the headset is shorted. My recommendation is to contact the retailer you bought it from and request a replacement ASAP.
    12-05-2017 09:22 AM
  3. ytrewq's Avatar
    It's not just a cord or headset short. Some PCs are having driver issues that cause this problem. I had something similar happen with a Surface Book. The solution for the Surface Book is a registry edit described in this article. How to get Mixed Reality working on a Surface Book – More Mixed Reality

    You should look in your Device Manager to see if Windows is properly recognizing your USB hardware. If so, getting a replacement headset isn't going to help you.
    12-27-2017 12:36 PM

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