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    This post is specifically to make public domain all information discussed related to using VR headgear for welding. The purpose is to make the related technologies broadly available and affordable.

    When welding, instead of a shaded glass that blocks the view of the workpiece to protect the eyes, while allowing for the molten weld to be viewed, I would rather use my cell phone with a VR app and helmet light filters (1/2" diameter for cell phone cam ) to protect the camera from the high intensity light. This way:

    1) A $2 cost to manufacture, and $50 resale value, that is a 25 to 1 profit margin.
    2) The many Welding VR apps for the cell phone can provide sales to millions of people, many times:
    a) continuous welding without any harmful exposure to any welding radiation
    b) the ability to zoom in to watch the weld in progress
    c) the ability to provide thermal equalization of the weld to see the entire work piece and not just the weld
    d) the ability to accurately see the distance from the stinger to the contact point of the work piece
    e) the ability to record the welding session for quality control and training
    f) the internal lens of the VR system allows for not having to wear glasses at all
    g) the cell phone can be remotely controlled with a hand-held remote and/or head movements, to view
    i) drawings of the work piece without having to move from the present position
    ii) welder virtual controls (working with Lincoln and others to connect the VR headset to their equipment; Bluetooth and/or WiFi)
    iii) alternate views from other cameras
    iv) split screens for 3D control of welding stinger (used in robotics, this is easy to implement)
    v) .... tooo many apps to make and sell to list here

    A "Cardboard VR" welding helmet is super cheap to build, the technology is already developed and available (just add the filters to protect the cell phone camera), the user provides their own cell phone, and the usefulness in productivity is so amazing it can easily become a necessary welding accessory for every industry and home shop alike.

    Search eBay: "cardboard vr headgear"

    Search youtube: "cardboard vr"

    Search youtube: "welding camera"

    Currently VR headsets are available for $15, and they're making a profit. The welding VR headset isn't a significant difference in manufacturability.

    1) How does this package of information get into the hands of manufacturers so the products start being built and made available?

    2) What other applications can be programmed to support additional capabilities in using the VR welding helmet?
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