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    I've been looking around for VR headsets and a common theme seems to be that a lot of the time, headsets will often show up alone and orphaned from any accessories including external trackers, controllers, and critically, their tether cables.

    Looking at the tether cable for the Reverb headsets from HP, both the G2 and the original seem to use the same physical connection on the headset side.

    The differences being that... router login

    The Reverb has a short dongle that connects inside the front of the HMD to terminate several inches away to allow for it to be disconnected, while the Reverb G2 likely has the port exposed on the outside of the HMD.

    The Reverb G2 tether starts as a single cable before reaching a box partway down that splits into a USB Type C port and a DisplayPort input, while the Reverb tether is two cables from beginning to end, and terminates in a USB 3.0 Type A and DisplayPort.

    So considering they use what seems to be the same physical connection on the HMD side, and the other end is USB and DP, would it be possible to get a new G2 cable tether for use with the original?
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